School Design Studio-08



Watch the videos below for an inside glimpse into a New Tech Network school. Hear from New Tech Network students and teachers about how the New Tech Network model supports deeper learning and prepares every student for college and career.

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New Tech Network students – beyond the classroom

Peek into the life of an NTN student and see how the NTN model develops students who are confident in interacting with adults and are comfortable with sharing what they know. Hear from NTN Alumni and see how these skills continue to serve them in college or in the workforce.

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A new outcome – Better learning outcomes while meeting standards

A key pillar in the New Tech Network model is the use of Student Learning Outcomes that guide our schools’ support of students and their long-term success. Learn more about how the NTN Student Learning Outcomes, a set of research-based outcomes, prepare every student for post-secondary college and career success.

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new tech network teachers – a new approach

Experience how project-based learning enables NTN teachers to rekindle their love of teaching and lead by example. In NTN classrooms, teachers are not the center of student inquiry; they are the guides to learning, and this new methodology has freed teachers to be more creative in their approaches and project planning.

See how adult and student culture is built at New Tech @ Wayne

What is the relationship between professional culture and student culture? Liz Bryan, New Tech @ Wayne High School Director breaks down how crucial this is at a New Tech School.

PBL Success: From Start to Finish

Go inside Manor New Technology High School, where an unwavering commitment to an effective schoolwide PBL model keeps both students and teachers motivated and achieving their best.

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District-Wide School Innovation: Winton Woods City Schools, Ohio

Learn how the New Tech Network model supports districts in providing equity, access, and opportunity for all students. 

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Winton Woods Project-Based Learning Overview

Why project-based learning? Watch New Tech Network teachers and students describe how PBL gives students increased opportunities to be positive contributors, innovators, and leaders in our community and in our world.

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Student Drivers: Proceed with Confidence

Students drive their own learning in New Tech Network classrooms. Listen to teachers Brad Ciminowasieleski and Joshua Amstutz as they detail how project-based classrooms create critical thinkers.