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What We Do

New Tech Network works closely with leadership teams and classroom educators to make change scalable and sustainable. With more than 25 years of supporting schools and districts in change-making, NTN has the ability to recognize common patterns across systems and what is unique about each school and district community. 

New Tech Network (NTN) is a national nonprofit dedicated to systemic change in education. We center K-12 schools as the units of change, working closely with district leaders, school principals, and classroom educators, to co-design an approach to change that is specific to their context.

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The NTN Focus Areas

Learn about NTN’s focus areas that align the work of whole school transformation through all phases of school development.

The NTN Learning Outcomes

Five research-based outcomes designed to allow teachers to assess students based on a holistic picture of their skills while meeting state academic requirements.
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NTN College Access Network

The NTN College Access Network partners with a diverse group of schools and districts to improve college access by leveraging continuous improvement practices.

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