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Trademark Usage Guidelines


  1.                       General. All New Tech Network, Inc. (“New Tech Network”) trademarks, tradenames, service marks, logos and other brand features (“Brand Features”) will be used only as explicitly licensed by New Tech Network, and only under the terms and conditions and for the purposes described in such license. The other party to such license shall herein be referred to as the “Licensee.” All such uses shall be in a manner consistent with the following guidelines.


  1.                       Appearance of Logos. The Licensee shall ensure that the presentation of the Brand Features shall be consistent with New Tech Network’s own use of the Brand Features in comparable media.


  1.                       Notices. All trademarks and service marks included in the Brand Features shall be designated with “SM”, “TM” or “®”, in the manner directed by New Tech Network.


  1.                       Appearance. From time to time during the term of the license, New Tech Network may provide the Licensee with guidelines for the size, typeface, colors and other graphic characteristics of the Brand Features, which upon delivery to the Licensee shall be deemed to be incorporated into these Trademark Usage Guidelines.


  1.                       Restrictions Upon Use. The Brand Features shall not be presented or used:
    1. in a manner that could be reasonably interpreted to suggest Licensee or third party editorial content has been authored by, or represents the views or opinions of, New Tech Network or any New Tech Network personnel;
    2. in a manner that is misleading, defamatory, libelous, obscene or otherwise objectionable, in New Tech Network’s reasonable opinion;
    3. in a way that infringes, derogates, dilutes or impairs the rights of New Tech Network in the Brand Features;
    4. as part of a name of a product or service of a company other than New Tech Network, except as expressly provided in a written agreement by New Tech Network;
    5. in an abbreviated form;
    6. in the plural or possessive form;
    7. in a manner that merges any Brand Feature with other words, symbols, or numbers, either as one word or used as a modifier (with a hyphen).


  1.                       Attribution. Licensee must include the following statement in Licensee’s materials that include the Brand Features: New Tech Network, New Technology Network, Echo, and the New Tech Network logo are trademarks of New Tech Network, Inc.


  2. Nonexclusive Remedy. The Licensee will promptly make any changes to its use of the Brand Features as requested by New Tech Network. The foregoing remedy shall be in addition to any other legal and equitable rights that New Tech Network may possess relating to Licensee’s use of the Brand Features.


  3.  Goodwill. Licensee acknowledges that all rights to the Brand Features are the exclusive property of New Tech Network, and all goodwill generated through Licensee’s use of the Brand Features will inure to benefit of New Tech Network. Licensee may not use the Brand Features to disparage New Tech Network, its products or services, or in a manner which, in New Tech Network’s reasonable judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage New Tech Network’s goodwill in the Brand Features.

  1.                       Revisions. These Trademark Usage Guidelines may be modified at any time by New Tech Network upon written notice to the Licensee.