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Our shared goal with the schools and districts we work with is to design and implement highly effective change that focuses on culture, instructional practices, and assessment in service of preparing every child for college and career success. For over 25 years, we have invested in research to design services and resources that meet local context for change as defined by school leaders, district leaders, and classroom educators.

New Tech Network Research

Impact Research

NTN’s impact research is designed to document and communicate the effectiveness and efficacy of the NTN Model and  professional development and coaching services to achieve meaningful improvement at a local level. Published externally, NTN’s impact research provides rigorous evidence of different aspects of the impact of the New Tech Network Focus Areas. It also examines student, school, and learning environment outcomes embodied in the NTN Focus Areas: college and career ready outcomes, supportive and inclusive culture, meaningful and equitable instruction, and purposeful assessment.

Formative Research and Quality Assurance

NTN’s formative research and quality assurance efforts provide critical feedback and shape our own innovation activities to better support stakeholders in a school community-led changes. This research also allows NTN to refine services, products, and Network events.

Research and Findings

Learn about the evidence and research on the New Tech Network Model, project-based learning, and deeper learning.

2023 NTN Impact Report

NTN is proud to present the 2023 Impact Report. This endeavor highlights new and updated research, stories from across the network, and evidence about the NTN Model and PBL.

Network Voices

Hear from educators working together to advance deeper learning — leading to improved learning outcomes and college and career-readiness for each and every student.

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