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At New Tech Network, our partnerships with schools drive everything we do. Together we are transforming teaching and learning around the country. Our shared vision for student success – college and career readiness for all students – has a very specific meaning in the Network. What we mean is that every graduate of a New Tech school leaves aware, eligible and prepared to pursue postsecondary education or training.

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Innovating K-12 schools

Re-imagining Teaching and Learning


that engages

By engaging students through project-based learning, students become problem-solvers. Teachers design complex, authentic challenges that engage students, require them to demonstrate mastery of knowledge, and foster written and oral communication skills.


that empowers

By making learning relevant and creating a collaborative learning culture, students become connected to, engaged with, and challenged by their school, teachers and peers. Each school promotes a culture of trust, respect and responsibility.


that matter

Learning outcomes also measure collaboration, written and oral communication, and students’ responsibility for their own learning. Performance assessments measure the knowledge and thinking of students to help them become proficient in producing college-level work.


that enables

Through a technology-rich environment, teachers and students create, communicate, access information, and experience self-directed learning. Echo, NTN’s online learning platform, supports project-based learning and features an innovative gradebook.

Working together to transform schools

As a leading design partner for comprehensive school change,
New Tech Network, a national non-profit, works closely with nearly 200 districts and schools.

  • 126HIGH
  • 41MIDDLE
  • 4400TEACHERS
  • 72000STUDENTS

Help us increase our impact

We are building a dynamic, perpetually learning network of districts, schools and educators. The success, sustainability, and growth of New Tech Network is made possible by support from philanthropic organizations and district engagements.

Partners & Collaborators

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    Through project-based learning, New Tech Network schools empower and challenge students to learn and succeed, to collaborate and communicate, and to engage in the world around them.

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