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Research and Findings

Evidence. Research. Purpose.

New Tech Network Students Have Strong Academic Preparation

NTN educator professional growth challenges the established “rhythm” of schooling and requires reflection on beliefs, values, identity, and mindsets

Teacher professional learning experiences enabled authentic elementary student learning environments

The NTN approach supports and sustains adult shifts over time and provides consistent high quality virtual and in-person adult learning experiences

Participants experienced consistent positive overall experiences across learning objectives, facilitation, and resources

NTN Professional Development and coaching enables NTN educators to build and reinforce knowledge

Participants highlighted project creation, collaborating with colleagues, facilitator support, and NTN resources as specific benefits

NTN Students are More Engaged in:

NTN Middle School Students are More Engaged

Middle school is pivotal in establishing a strong academic pipeline because disengagement from school that leads to dropping out often begins in middle school. Increased student engagement has been demonstrated to increase the likelihood of graduating high school and enrolling in college.

  • New Tech Network high school students had a graduation rate of 95 percent compared to the national average of 85 percent
  • New Tech Network students persist in college at a rate of 82 percent compared to 74 percent nationally

PBL Research

Read through a database of evidence and research not conducted by NTN focused on project-based learning and it’s effects on teachers and students.

Impact Report

NTN is proud to present the 2023 Impact Report. This endeavor highlights new and updated research, and provides evidence about the NTN Model and PBL.

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