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NTN schools succeed because of a whole school,
systemic approach where skills are valued
as much as scores.

In June 2021, New Tech Network (NTN) announced a new Texas schools innovation project supported by a grant from the Bezos Family Foundation (BFF). The initiative will support 11 new whole school innovations, serving students in Texas communities classified as Rural or Town by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). These multi-year grants will provide each school with support to put towards the implementation of the New Tech Network model, with a portion of annual costs covered through other funding sources.

New Tech Network is currently partnered with 13 rural schools in Texas that have implemented the New Tech Model so that all students graduate ready for college and career.



Grant funding supports schools and districts to reduce the cost of initial implementation of the New Tech model. If your school is interested in implementing New Tech’s whole school model, this grant unlocks multi-year subsidies for implementations in 2022 and in 2023.


In the Career and Technology Education section of HB 3, NTN member schools are eligible to receive additional per-pupil funding of $50 per each New Tech Network student enrolled in grades 7-12. This recurring HB3 funding becomes the self-sustaining investment mature NTN programs need to engage in NTN Continuation learning and services beyond implementation. Learn more about HB3 here.


Join the 30+ schools that currently make up the New Tech community in Texas as they support deeper learning for all students. At NTN we combine our proven school model with our powerful support model to improve the talent of teachers and leaders in your schools and district. Schools in the New Tech Texas Network share best practices to support deeper learning aligned with the TEKS.

We are excited to welcome the following Texas schools new to NTN this year:
  • Emerson High School – Frisco ISD
  • John F. Kennedy High School – Edgewood ISD
  • Perales Elementary School – Edgewood ISD
  • Winston Elementary School – Edgewood ISD
  • Pieper High School – Comal ISD
  • Western Hills High School – Fort Worth ISD
Curious to know who else is doing this work in Texas?  Download the map to see the schools in our network prior to the 2021-2022 school year.

About New Tech Network

New Tech Network (NTN) pioneers whole school transformation through high-quality project-based learning (PBL). NTN partners with schools and districts to challenge the status quo. Our coaches work directly with teachers and administrators to improve outcomes for students. Whether they enter the workforce immediately, choose to attend college, or work while continuing their education, workforce readiness is necessary for all students by the time they leave school. The NTN school model and tailored coaching and support cultivate a culture of empowerment, discovery, and innovation. Most importantly, students graduate prepared for the demands of the future. Students need to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills; they must learn how to find and apply content knowledge – not just memorize it. When NTN partner schools experience shifts in culture and instruction as part of a comprehensive approach to education, those schools consistently experience positive outcomes for students – particularly students historically situated farthest from opportunity. Educators have access to thousands of resources and develop relationships with other education professionals.


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