Two Years Later and Class Project on Therapy Animals Still Impacting School

November 20, 2017

Two years later, and Bogey the therapy dog is still the coolest kid in school.

In 2015, the fourth grade students at Clive Learning Academy were assigned a project to research therapy animals and the impact they have on people.

Clive Learning Academy Counselor, Simonne Stricker said the project turned into a new companion for the students.

“They had to do research on therapy animals. They had to get permission from their parents and the school district and the principal to have a dog at our school. We took it to the school board, and it was approved,” Stricker said.

Bogey starts his day greeting students in the hallways. He later goes into different classrooms throughout the school.

Students have rules in the classroom, which include:

  • Only three hands on Bogey at a time
  • Don’t call out Bogey name
  • Don’t run up to pet Bogey
  • You can pet Bogey if he comes up to you

Sixth grade student Josh Nabiliwa said he was one of the students who helped bring Bogey to the school, and can’t image it without him now.

“He is also really someone that you could spill your guts to even if he doesn’t understand, Nabiliwa said.

Stricker said Bogey can turn a bad day into a good one.

“He’s been there a lot of times when kids are having major problems and he’s really a support to them,” Stricker said.

Sixth grade student Christian Esrtaba said, “He really calms me down sometimes.”

Bogey is at the school every other day. On his off days he is relaxing and regaining energy with his owner.

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