Top 15 NTN Resources of 2017

December 15, 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we are reflecting on the numerous resources, blogs, videos and research findings we have shared throughout the year focused on school and district transformations, deeper learning and PBL best practices. Please find our top 15 resources of 2017 below. We look forward to creating and sharing more best practices in 2018!

1. Making PBL Personal
Lydia Dobyns, NTN President and CEO
A closer look at New Tech Network’s goals of meeting the needs of individual students through personalized project-based learning.

2. NTN’s Revised Oral Communication and Collaboration Rubrics
Drew Schrader, NTN Director of Assessment
Outdated resources are as useful as no resources at all! Check out NTN’s Oral Communication and Collaboration Rubrics that were updated earlier this year.

3. NTN 2017 Impact Report
A comprehensive spotlight on the learning and growth taking place across the vibrant New Tech Network

4. What are the non-negotiable elements in Project Based Learning?
Gavin Hays, Learning Leader at Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
If your project does not have these six PBL elements, as a minimum, your curriculum implementation is not PBL.

5. Innovating Within the Education System
A must-watch video of Winton Woods City Schools leadership exploring the challenges and successes of implementing the New Tech model.

6. Best-in-Network Project Spotlight: Dare to Dream in Color
Get all the details on the inspiration and the project elements and outcomes of 2017 New Tech Network Best in Network Project!

7. NTN Impact Infographic
More of a visual person? Check out the NTN infographic that tells the story of New Tech’s impact.

8. Top 10 Ways to Make your Projects More Authentic
Sarah Fiess, School Outreach Coordinator at Tech Valley High School
Learn to create projects that ensure the question, “When will I ever really use this in real life?” is never asked. 

9. El Paso and New Tech Network: District Transformation in High Gear
Juan Cabrera, Superintendent of the El Paso Independent School District and Lydia Dobyns, NTN President and CEO
The cohort of New Tech Network schools within the El Paso Independent School District are all unique. Read about the New Tech model’s ability to meet the needs of eight very different schools.

10. Innovation Strategies for District Schools
Watch as education and industry leaders discuss successful strategies to innovate education and create deeper learning opportunities for all students.

11. A Research-Based Reason to Hope
Kristin Cuilla, NTN Senior Director, Partnerships & Communication
A powerful blog on the importance of diving deep into the data and an introduction to New Tech’s first Research Findings Report.

12. Effective Foundational Literacy Skill Instruction Series: Part One, Part Two
Alix Horton, NTN Director of Literacy
A two-part series that explains the principles behind successful literacy education within a project-based learning curriculum. 

13. Turning Point South Carolina
Watch how Colleton County High School and Scott’s Branch High School are working to change a “Corridor of Shame” into a “Corridor of Innovation.”

14. Share the Learning 2017 NTAC
To initiate and sustain the conversation on Opportunity and Equity, we compiled NTAC highlights and professional development resources to use personally, with colleagues, and in the classroom.

15. Success in Rural, High-Poverty Public High Schools: Path to Equity?
Lydia Dobyns, NTN President and CEO
An op-ed exploring the connection of innovation and equity through the journey of two NTN South Carolina schools.

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