The Profile of an NTN Grad

May 9, 2018

The New Tech Network graduation seal has a special meaning. The years spent in New Tech Network schools allow students to gain the academic and deeper learning skills necessary for any post-secondary option. 

Throughout the life of a project, students, as young as five-years-old, collaborate with their peers, facilitators, and outside experts to demonstrate oral and written communication by engaging with authentic audiences. Engagement in relevant and challenging tasks help students develop ownership over their learning and a sense of agency – skills that are essential in college and career.

Ensuring graduates are ready for college, career, and civic life is a challenge for most schools and requires a different perspective about expectations for both students and adults.

This year, we asked school directors to share their thoughts on the ideal New Tech Network graduate.


Come celebrate with graduates of Carolina High. Students at this school graduate with employability skills like critical thinking, collaboration and so much more. Congratulations class of 2018!

See Carolina High’s unique gown reveal:

2018 Carolina High Cap and Gown Reveal from New Tech Network on Vimeo.

The Graduation


Congratulations 2018 graduates at Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy! This New Tech Network school has achieved 100% graduation and 100 college acceptance. We can’t wait to see how far these leaders and learners will go!

Why would you hire a New Tech student? Belleville New Tech students say it’s because they are collaborative, prepared for life after high school, and possess excellent time management skills!

Hear from Renaissance Academy graduates on what it means to graduate from a New Tech Network school. Congratulations graduates!

Blytheville High School students and staff discuss their favorite things about being in New Tech Network and the increase they have seen in scholarship funding!

Hear the principal of Scottsburg New Tech discuss their graduate profile and how senior portfolios position their graduates for success.

What does an NTN graduate from Innovation Tech look like? They are resilient, lifelong learners who critically think and problem solve.

Warrior Tech Academy developed its imagined graduate profile to better prepare students for college and career and meet the economic needs of the local community. Learn more about how their students are college and career ready!

McCorkle Academy staff says that NTN students are confident, work better in groups, and have a strong sense of agency. Congratulations middle school graduates! We wish you success in high school!

Everett New Tech High says that agency and communication are a hallmark of an NTN grad! Watch to learn more!

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