Thank you for imagining and re-imagining

May 4, 2015
Geoff Krall

Geoff Krall

I’m thankful for the schools that I coach that are in Year 1 of their NTN journey. It’s so incredibly difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel so early in the game. Yet you have demonstrated the creativity, flexibility, and agency that will put the schools on a path to success. Year 1 of being a school in the New Tech Network can be a particularly challenging one: you’re probably working longer hours than ever, your summer included training and curriculum development, and chances are things didn’t go as planned in your first project or two. Yet here you are, continuing to inspire me as well as your students. screenshot2015-05-04at1.33.49pm

Year 1 of NTN’ing it includes everything from mindset changes to learning how to use apps and programs to painting the walls of your building. It’s an entire redesign process and you’ve done it all with smiles and excitement (and only a few tears). Thank you for imagining and reimagining an education experience for your students that will enrich their lives for decades.