Ten Keys to Facilitating Authentic Learning

August 29, 2016

Drew Schrader

If you have had to spend more than 15 minutes with me in a professional setting recently, you have probably heard me make a distinction between principles and practices. I’ve had the chance lately to have a lot of conversations of this sort lately about PBL, PrBL, inquiry, and leading professional learning.

For what its worth, here’s my list of principles to leading authentic learning:

1. Engage them in meaningful problems and give them the work

2. Give them the time

3. Help them articulate criteria for success

4. Connect them to experts and quality resources

5. Provide meaningful feedback – often

6. Help when they get stuck

7. Hold them to deadlines, remind them of criteria, and be ready to adjust either to correspond with learning

8. Share your knowledge and passion

9. Stay out of the way

10. Make sure they appreciate what they have done – celebrate

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