Innovations for 2019-20:

  • Over 26,000 surveys completed in School Year 2018-19.
  • Surveys for Students, Educators, School Leaders, Families, and Community Members.
  • Surveys to assess school culture and school climate.
  • Student culture surveys are available in multiple language.
  • NTN Student and Educator Culture Surveys grouped into elements of culture.
  • Brand new this school year interact with survey reports and explore perspectives of subgroups of your student and educator population in a dashboard style in our learning management system.
  • All surveys optimized for use with screen readers and low vision options, and can be completed on computers or tablets.
  • Surveys can now include customized items just for your school.
  • All NTN School Culture Surveys have undergone numerous revisions based on input from school practitioners, validity and reliability testing results, and developments in the extant literature on school culture.
  • Survey reports are published every month.
  • All surveys are open the entire school year, so schools can participate whenever and as often as they choose, to support cycles of inquiry and improvement.