State Board of Education releases annual school grades. Here’s how Northwest districts compare.

November 14, 2018
NWI Times

By Carley Lanich

Teacher Taylor Chamberlain, far right, works with students in her College and Career Readiness class in October 2017 at Lake Ridge New Tech Middle School. John Luke, file, The Times

Editor’s note: A story in Thursday’s edition contained incorrect school grade information based on federal grades. The story should have reflected state grades. All schools but one in the Valparaiso Community School District received A grades. Eleven schools in the Region were given an F. Seven of these schools belonged to Gary Community School Corp., another two to School City of East Chicago and one to School City of Hammond. Neighbors’ New Vistas High School also received an F. In the School City of Hammond district, four schools received B’s, seven received C’s, and six received D’s. Only Eggers Middle School in Hammond schools was given an F. The Times regrets this error.

Region schools and districts received a mixed bag of results Wednesday in the Indiana Department of Education’s annual report of School Accountability Grades.

Across the state, almost 64 percent of schools received an A or B grade. At least 120 of those are Region schools, including Lake Central High School, Crown Point High School and Calumet New Tech High School.

“We’re working hard academically,” said Lake Ridge New Tech Schools Superintendent Sharon Johnson-Shirley. “We’re doing what we need to do to maintain our schools, but there’s always room for improvement.”

Seven schools in the Gary Community School Corp. received a failing grade, while the district as a whole received a D — the same as last year.

The School Accountability Grades, assigned every year since 2001, evaluate school performance based on student language arts and mathematics assessments, graduation rates and college and career readiness.

The grading system also calculates growth, considering the prior year’s measurements for each school.

“Our current accountability grades are an indication of the great education Indiana students are receiving,” Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick said in a news release. “Our work is paying off, and as a department, we will continue to partner with dedicated stakeholders to ensure every school and every student is successful.”

‘A’ districts 

Eight districts in the Region received A grades.

Tri-Creek School Corp., Crown Point Community Schools, School Town of Munster, East Porter County, Union Township School Corp. and Valparaiso Community Schools all maintained their A District status, while Hanover Community School Corp and Lake Central School Corp. improved from a B grade in last year’s assessment.

Districtwide success tricked down to individual schools in Valparaiso Community Schools. All schools but one in the district received A grades.

“We are proud of the hard work exhibited by our teachers and students,” Superintendent Julie Lauck said in a statement. “We will continue to strive for excellence and improvement each year.”

Failing schools

While no district as a whole received a failing grade, 11 schools in the Region were given an F.

Seven of these schools belonged to Gary Community School Corp, another two to School City of East Chicago and one to School City of Hammond. Neighbors’ New Vistas High School also received an F.

The Gary Community School Corp. the district is using its failing grades as a baseline for growth, said Amy Marsh, of the Gary school district.

“Despite incremental improvement, we are not where we need to be as a district in service to our students,” Marsh said in a prepared statement. “We have established academic processes that will impact growth this year and will be reflected in school and district grades next year.”

The School City of East Chicago received a D.

Hammond appeals

No grade was provided for the School City of Hammond, which is appealing its state grade.

Of the district’s 20 schools, four received B’s this year, seven received C’s and six received D’s. Eggers Middle School was given an F. Harding Elementary is also appealing its grade as an individual school.

It is not clear why Harding Elementary and the district are appealing. Superintendent Walter Watkins did not return calls Wednesday requesting comment.

A district can appeal its school grade based on data errors or significant demographics changes in school populations, according to the Indiana State Board of Education.

Appeals are sent to the state attorney general’s office to be considered by a hearing officer.

The district received a C in last year’s assessment.

Showing improvement

Despite financial challenges strapping Lake Ridge New Tech Schools, Calumet New Tech High School raised its grade from a C last year to a B.

Johnson-Shirley credits the change to students’ hard work and professional training for staff in a district with high mobility.

“Kids come in and they’re gone before you can have an impact on them,” Johnson-Shirley said.

She added that the district as a whole, which received a C grade this year, has faced challenges other schools may not, such as losing several teachers and finding financing after two recent failed referendums.

“A C here might be an A or a B somewhere else,” Johnson-Shirley said. “We’re not all facing the same issues, but we’re constantly working to make sure we meet or exceed state standards.”

Private, charter schools

Private and charter schools across the Region received grades across the spectrum.

Andrean High School and Bishop Noll Institute with the Diocese of Gary both maintained their A grades received last year. Marquette Catholic High School, also in the Gary Diocese, was given a B.

Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy in Gary was among one of the most improved schools in the state.

The school, taken over by the state six years ago, received the first A in its history following a D last year and five consecutive F grades before that.

Long considered one of Indiana’s most challenged schools, Roosevelt retained educational services provider EdisonLearning in 2016 to assist in the school’s turnaround.

Michael Serpe, a spokesman for EdisonLearning, said an increased graduation rate, fewer suspensions and a 96.4 percent attendance rate — up from prior rates in the 50- to 60-percent range — have contributed to the school’s A grade.

“Those things over time, slowly but surely, start to change the whole environment of the school,” Serpe said. “It’s a major shining light in Gary.”

Roosevelt is celebrating its achievement with a school assembly open to the public at 2:30 p.m. Dec. 12.

“These results are a testament to the commitment and hard work of the teachers, staff and students,” EdisonLearning President and CEO Thom Jackson said in a news release. “They are also the result, in no small part, to the support provided by the Gary community and alumni of the school.”

UPDATED: 2017-18 School Accountability Grades: See how Region schools ranked here:

UPDATED: 2017-18 School Accountability Grades: See how the Region schools ranked here

The Indiana Department of Education released 2017-18 School Accountability Grades Wednesday. See how the Region schools ranked here.

CorpCorp NameSchoolSchool Name2017-18 Grade2016-17 Grade2015-16 Grade
3785Kankakee Valley School Corp3181Kankakee Valley High SchoolABB
3785Kankakee Valley School Corp3183Kankakee Valley Middle SchoolBCC
3785Kankakee Valley School Corp3184DeMotte Elementary SchoolBBB
3785Kankakee Valley School Corp3197Wheatfield Elementary SchoolBBB
3785Kankakee Valley School Corp3198Kankakee Valley Intermediate SchBBB
3815Rensselaer Central School Corp3201Rensselaer Central High SchoolBAB
3815Rensselaer Central School Corp3205Van Rensselaer Elementary SchoolBBB
3815Rensselaer Central School Corp3213Rensselaer Central Primary SchoolBBB
3815Rensselaer Central School Corp3221Rensselaer Middle SchoolCCA
4580Hanover Community School Corp3781Jane Ball Elementary SchoolABA
4580Hanover Community School Corp3782Lincoln Elementary SchoolAAB
4580Hanover Community School Corp3784Hanover Central Middle SchoolABB
4580Hanover Community School Corp3785Hanover Central High SchoolBBB
4590River Forest Community Sch Corp3791River Forest High SchoolBBC
4590River Forest Community Sch Corp3797Henry S Evans Elementary SchoolCDD
4590River Forest Community Sch Corp3801River Forest Middle SchoolDDF
4590River Forest Community Sch Corp3805John I Meister Elementary SchoolBCF
4600Merrillville Community School Corp3809Merrillville High SchoolBBC
4600Merrillville Community School Corp3811Pierce Middle SchoolCCC
4600Merrillville Community School Corp3813Merrillville Intermediate SchoolBBD
4600Merrillville Community School Corp3821Henry P Fieler Elementary SchoolCBC
4600Merrillville Community School Corp3822Homer Iddings Elementary SchoolBCC
4600Merrillville Community School Corp3826Edgar L Miller Elementary SchoolBBA
4600Merrillville Community School Corp3827John Wood Elementary SchoolAAA
4600Merrillville Community School Corp3829Jonas E Salk Elementary SchoolBBA
4615Lake Central School Corporation3831Michael Grimmer Middle SchoolBBB
4615Lake Central School Corporation3833Lake Central High SchoolAAB
4615Lake Central School Corporation3837Kolling Elementary SchoolAAA
4615Lake Central School Corporation3838Hal E Clark Middle SchoolBBC
4615Lake Central School Corporation3839George Bibich Elementary SchoolAAA
4615Lake Central School Corporation3840James H Watson Elementary SchoolBAA
4615Lake Central School Corporation3841Kahler Middle SchoolBCB
4615Lake Central School Corporation3843Protsman Elementary SchoolBBA
4615Lake Central School Corporation4349Homan Elementary SchoolAAA
4615Lake Central School Corporation4351Peifer Elementary SchoolAAA
4645Tri-Creek School Corporation3753Oak Hill Elementary SchoolAAB
4645Tri-Creek School Corporation3845Lake Prairie Elementary SchoolAAD
4645Tri-Creek School Corporation3848Three Creeks Elem SchoolCBB
4645Tri-Creek School Corporation3851Lowell Middle SchoolBBB
4645Tri-Creek School Corporation3865Lowell Senior High SchoolAAB
4650Lake Ridge New Tech Schools3869Calumet New Tech High SchoolBCC
4650Lake Ridge New Tech Schools3885Longfellow New Tech Elementary SchCCB
4650Lake Ridge New Tech Schools3889Hosford Park New Tech ElementaryCAA
4650Lake Ridge New Tech Schools3893Lake Ridge New Tech Middle SchoolCDD
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3761Robert Taft Middle SchoolABB
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3769Douglas MacArthur Elem SchoolAAA
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3773Dwight D Eisenhower Elem SchoolAAB
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3854Winfield Elementary SchoolAAA
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3901Crown Point High SchoolAAA
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3903Lake Street Elementary SchoolAAA
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3905Solon Robinson Elementary SchoolAAA
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3907Jerry Ross Elementary SchoolAAA
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3913Timothy Ball Elementary SchoolABB
4660Crown Point Community School Corp3915Colonel John Wheeler Middle SchoolBBB
4670School City of East Chicago3924East Chicago Central High SchoolCFF
4670School City of East Chicago3941Benjamin Harrison Elementary SchFDD
4670School City of East Chicago3945Abraham Lincoln Elementary SchoolDFF
4670School City of East Chicago3953William McKinley Elementary SchoolFDF
4670School City of East Chicago3961George Washington Elementary SchDBC
4670School City of East Chicago3963Joseph Block Middle SchoolCBC
4680Lake Station Community Schools3965Thomas A Edison Jr-Sr HSCBB
4680Lake Station Community Schools3973Alexander Hamilton Elementary SchBBD
4680Lake Station Community Schools3975Virgil I Bailey Elementary SchoolB
4690Gary Community School Corp4053Benjamin Banneker Achievement CtrF
4690Gary Community School Corp4061Beveridge Elementary SchoolF
4690Gary Community School Corp4086Frankie W McCullough Acad for GirlF
4690Gary Community School Corp4105Bailly Preparatory AcademyF
4690Gary Community School Corp4121Jacques Marquette Elem SchoolF
4690Gary Community School Corp4155Glen Park Acad for Excel in LrnF
4690Gary Community School Corp4163West Side Leadership AcademyB
4690Gary Community School Corp4168Wm A Wirt/Emerson VPAC
4690Gary Community School Corp4169Daniel Hale Williams Elem SchF
4700Griffith Public Schools4171Beiriger Elementary SchoolBAB
4700Griffith Public Schools4173Griffith Senior High SchoolABB
4700Griffith Public Schools4177Griffith Middle SchoolBCC
4700Griffith Public Schools4185Eldon Ready Elementary SchoolACB
4700Griffith Public Schools4189Elsie Wadsworth Elementary SchoolAAA
4710School City of Hammond4411George Rogers Clark Md/HSCCC
4710School City of Hammond4413Donald E Gavit Middle/High SchoolCCC
4710School City of Hammond4415Hammond High SchoolBCD
4710School City of Hammond4417Morton Senior High SchoolCCC
4710School City of Hammond4422Joseph Hess Elementary SchoolCCC
4710School City of Hammond4425Henry W Eggers Middle SchoolFDD
4710School City of Hammond4433Charles N Scott Middle SchoolDDD
4710School City of Hammond4447Columbia Elementary SchoolDCC
4710School City of Hammond4449Thomas A Edison Elementary SchoolCCC
4710School City of Hammond4451Benjamin Franklin Elementary SchDCB
4710School City of Hammond4453Warren G Harding Elementary SchoolAppeal PendingCB
4710School City of Hammond4455Washington Irving Elementary SchDFD
4710School City of Hammond4457Thomas Jefferson Elementary SchoolBBC
4710School City of Hammond4459Kenwood Elementary SchoolBBB
4710School City of Hammond4461Lafayette Elementary SchoolBCB
4710School City of Hammond4463Abraham Lincoln Elementary SchoolCDF
4710School City of Hammond4465Maywood Elementary SchoolCDC
4710School City of Hammond4469Morton Elementary SchoolCFD
4710School City of Hammond4479Lew Wallace Elementary SchoolDCD
4710School City of Hammond4484Frank O’Bannon Elementary SchoolDBB
4720School Town of Highland4281Highland High SchoolBBA
4720School Town of Highland4283Highland Middle SchoolCBA
4720School Town of Highland4285Judith Morton Johnston ElementaryABC
4720School Town of Highland4290Mildred Merkley Elementary SchoolBCB
4720School Town of Highland4301Southridge Elementary SchoolCCC
4720School Town of Highland4303Allen J Warren Elementary SchoolC
4730School City of Hobart4305Hobart High SchoolABB
4730School City of Hobart4309Hobart Middle SchoolBBC
4730School City of Hobart4311Early Learning Center-George EarleBAB
4730School City of Hobart4317Liberty Elementary SchoolBAA
4730School City of Hobart4325Ridge View Elementary SchoolCAC
4730School City of Hobart4327Joan Martin Elementary SchoolBAA
4740School Town of Munster4332Munster High SchoolAAA
4740School Town of Munster4333Wilbur Wright Middle SchoolAAB
4740School Town of Munster4337James B Eads Elementary SchoolBBC
4740School Town of Munster4341Ernest R Elliott Elementary SchoolBBA
4740School Town of Munster4343Frank H Hammond Elementary SchoolAAB
4760School City of Whiting4353Whiting High SchoolBAB
4760School City of Whiting4356Whiting Middle SchoolDDC
4760School City of Whiting4361Nathan Hale Elementary SchoolCCB
4805New Prairie United School Corp4679Prairie View Elementary SchoolAAB
4805New Prairie United School Corp4689New Prairie High SchoolABB
4805New Prairie United School Corp4693Rolling Prairie Elementary SchoolBBA
4805New Prairie United School Corp7345New Prairie Middle SchoolBBC
4805New Prairie United School Corp7349Olive Township Elementary SchoolAAB
4860M S D of New Durham Township4699Westville Elementary SchoolBBB
4860M S D of New Durham Township4701Westville High SchoolBCC
4915Tri-Township Cons School Corp4692LaCrosse SchoolABB
4915Tri-Township Cons School Corp4696Wanatah SchoolCBC
4925Michigan City Area Schools4373Coolspring Elementary SchoolCCB
4925Michigan City Area Schools4713Springfield Elementary SchoolCCC
4925Michigan City Area Schools4788Martin T Krueger Middle SchoolDFF
4925Michigan City Area Schools4789Barker Middle SchoolDDD
4925Michigan City Area Schools4795Michigan City High SchoolBBC
4925Michigan City Area Schools4805Edgewood Elementary SchoolCCC
4925Michigan City Area Schools4811Lake Hills Elementary SchoolCCC
4925Michigan City Area Schools4821Joy Elementary SchoolCCB
4925Michigan City Area Schools4825Knapp Elementary SchoolAAA
4925Michigan City Area Schools4833Marsh Elementary SchoolBCA
4925Michigan City Area Schools6829Pine Elementary SchoolDCC
4940South Central Com School Corp4734South Central Elementary SchoolBAA
4940South Central Com School Corp4737South Central Jr-Sr High SchoolABB
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4707Indian Trail Elementary SchoolBAA
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4717Kesling Middle SchoolCBC
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4721Kingsford Heights Elementary SchBAA
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4727Kingsbury Elementary SchoolBBB
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4741LaPorte High SchoolBBB
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4745Paul F Boston Middle SchoolCBC
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4749Hailmann Elementary SchoolBBC
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4753F Willard Crichfield ElementaryAAA
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4757Lincoln Elementary SchoolCCB
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4767Riley Elementary SchoolABB
4945LaPorte Community School Corp4773Handley Elementary SchoolDBB
5945North Newton School Corp6397Morocco Elementary SchoolCBA
5945North Newton School Corp6405Lake Village Elementary SchoolBBC
5945North Newton School Corp6409Lincoln Elementary SchoolCCC
5945North Newton School Corp6411North Newton Jr-Sr High SchoolCCC
5995South Newton School Corp6417South Newton Senior High SchoolBBB
5995South Newton School Corp6431South Newton Elementary SchoolDCB
5995South Newton School Corp6433South Newton Middle SchoolBCC
6460M S D Boone Township6813Hebron High SchoolABB
6460M S D Boone Township6814Hebron Middle SchoolBBB
6460M S D Boone Township6815Hebron Elementary SchoolCCC
6470Duneland School Corporation6817Jackson Elementary SchoolAAB
6470Duneland School Corporation6819Brummitt Elementary SchoolBCB
6470Duneland School Corporation6821Liberty Intermediate SchoolABA
6470Duneland School Corporation6823Liberty Elementary SchoolABA
6470Duneland School Corporation6925Chesterton Senior High SchoolAAB
6470Duneland School Corporation6927Westchester Intermediate SchoolCAA
6470Duneland School Corporation6928Bailly Elementary SchoolBBB
6470Duneland School Corporation6930Chesterton Middle SchoolCBB
6470Duneland School Corporation6941Newton Yost Elementary SchoolBCB
6510East Porter County School Corp6825Morgan Township Middle/High SchoolAAB
6510East Porter County School Corp6828Morgan Township Elementary SchoolAAA
6510East Porter County School Corp6833Kouts Middle/High SchoolBBB
6510East Porter County School Corp6835Kouts Elementary SchoolBBB
6510East Porter County School Corp6849Washington Twp Middle/High SchoolAAB
6510East Porter County School Corp6852Washington Twp Elementary SchoolBAA
6520Porter Township School Corp6837Boone Grove Elementary SchoolCCB
6520Porter Township School Corp6838Boone Grove High SchoolAAA
6520Porter Township School Corp6839Boone Grove Middle SchoolBBC
6520Porter Township School Corp6840Porter Lakes Elementary SchoolCBB
6530Union Township School Corp6841Wheeler High SchoolBAB
6530Union Township School Corp6843Union Township Middle SchoolAAA
6530Union Township School Corp6845Union Center Elementary SchoolAAB
6530Union Township School Corp6846John Simatovich Elementary SchoolBAA
6550Portage Township Schools6853Portage High SchoolBBB
6550Portage Township Schools6857Wallace Aylesworth ElementaryBAB
6550Portage Township Schools6859William Fegely Middle SchoolBBB
6550Portage Township Schools6861Crisman Elementary SchoolBCC
6550Portage Township Schools6865Central Elementary SchoolCCB
6550Portage Township Schools6869Ethel R Jones Elementary SchoolBBA
6550Portage Township Schools6871Willowcreek Middle SchoolBBC
6550Portage Township Schools6874Rowena Kyle Elementary SchoolBCB
6550Portage Township Schools6876Paul Saylor Elementary SchoolBCB
6550Portage Township Schools6877George L Myers Elementary SchoolBCB
6550Portage Township Schools6879South Haven Elementary SchoolBCB
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6881Valparaiso High SchoolAAB
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6885Benjamin Franklin Middle SchoolABB
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6887Thomas Jefferson Middle SchoolAAB
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6888Thomas Jefferson Elementary SchoolAAA
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6891Central Elementary SchoolABB
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6893Flint Lake Elementary SchoolABC
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6897Cooks Corners Elementary SchoolAAA
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6903Heavilin Elementary SchoolAAA
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6913Memorial Elementary SchoolBAA
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6917Northview Elementary SchoolAAA
6560Valparaiso Community Schools6921Parkview Elementary SchoolABA
8820Edison Learning Roosevelt4033Theodore Roosevelt Car & Tech AcadA
9205Diocese of GaryB755Aquinas School at St Andrew’sB
9205Diocese of GaryB760Andrean High SchoolA
9205Diocese of GaryB775Saint Michael SchoolA
9205Diocese of GaryB780Saint John Evangelist SchoolA
9205Diocese of GaryB835Saint Mary Catholic Comm SchoolA
9205Diocese of GaryB865St Stanislaus SchoolB
9205Diocese of GaryB930Saint Mary SchoolB
9205Diocese of GaryB950Saint Casimir SchoolC
9205Diocese of GaryB960Saint John Bosco SchoolB
9205Diocese of GaryB965Saint John The Baptist SchoolB
9205Diocese of GaryB970Bishop Noll InstituteA
9205Diocese of GaryC025Our Lady Of Grace SchoolB
9205Diocese of GaryC060Saint Thomas More SchoolB
9205Diocese of GaryC105Notre Dame Catholic SchoolAppeal Pending
9205Diocese of GaryC110Queen Of All Saints SchoolAppeal Pending
9205Diocese of GaryC120Saint Stanislaus Kostka SchoolB
9205Diocese of GaryC125Marquette Catholic High SchoolB
9205Diocese of GaryD050Saint Patrick SchoolA
9205Diocese of GaryD065Nativity of Our Savior SchoolA
9205Diocese of GaryD085Saint Paul Catholic SchoolA
9310Charter School of the Dunes1535Charter School of the DunesD
9460Thea Bowman Leadership Academy4022Thea Bowman Leadership AcademyD
9535Gary Lighthouse Charter School4130Gary Lighthouse Charter SchoolC
954521st Century Charter Sch of Gary416421st Century Charter Sch of GaryC
9555East Chicago Urban Enterprise Acad3935East Chicago Urban Enterprise AcadD
9595East Chicago Lighthouse Charter3971East Chicago LighthouseD
9685Aspire Charter Academy4043Aspire Charter AcademyD
9690Renaissance Academy Charter School4711Renaissance Academy Charter SchoolB
9705Hammond Academy of Science & Tech4486Hammond Academy of Science & TechB
9710Carpe Diem – Northwest5977Carpe Diem – NorthwestB
9730Neighbors’ New Vistas High School6864Neighbors’ New Vistas High SchoolF
9870Discovery Charter School6824Discovery Charter SchoolB
9885Gary Middle College4027Gary Middle CollegeNo Grade
9980Steel City Academy1113Steel City AcademyA
9990Heritage Institute of Arts & Tech1116Higher Institute of Arts & TechD

See how Region school corporations ranked here:

Jasper County

Kankakee Valley School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Rensselaer Central School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Lake County

Hanover Community School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: A
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

River Forest Community School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: C
  • 2016-17 Grade: C

Merrillville Community School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Lake Central School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: A
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Tri-Creek School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: A
  • 2016-17 Grade: A

Lake Ridge New Tech Schools

  • 2017-18 Grade: C
  • 2016-17 Grade: C

Crown Point Community School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: A
  • 2016-17 Grade: A

School City of East Chicago

  • 2017-18 Grade: D
  • 2016-17 Grade: C

Lake Station Community Schools

  • 2017-18 Grade: C
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Gary Community School Corp.

  • 2017-18 Grade: D
  • 2016-17 Grade: D

Griffith Public Schools

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

School City of Hammond

  • 2017-18 Grade: Appeal Pending
  • 2016-17 Grade: C

School Town of Highland

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

School City of Hobart

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

School Town of Munster

  • 2017-18 Grade: A
  • 2016-17 Grade: A

School City of Whiting

  • 2017-18 Grade: C
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

LaPorte County

New Prairie United School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

M S D of New Durham Township

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: C

Tri-Township Cons School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Michigan City Area Schools

  • 2017-18 Grade: C
  • 2016-17 Grade: C

South Central Com School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

LaPorte Community School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Newton County

North Newton School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: C
  • 2016-17 Grade: C

South Newton School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: C
  • 2016-17 Grade: C

Porter County

Metropolitan School District of Boone Township

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Duneland School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: A

East Porter County School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: A
  • 2016-17 Grade: A

Porter Township School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Union Township School Corporation

  • 2017-18 Grade: A
  • 2016-17 Grade: A

Portage Township Schools

  • 2017-18 Grade: B
  • 2016-17 Grade: B

Valparaiso Community Schools

  • 2017-18 Grade: A
  • 2016-17 Grade: A

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