Spotlight Schools Application

September 17, 2019

There is a place for everyone in the spotlight! We believe each school in our network, new as well as mature, have practices to share and learn. The goals for Spotlight Schools include highlighting those practices and making them easily accessible to our network, each school’s local community, and educators across the nation.

Demonstration sites are evolving into Spotlight Schools. We want to rethink the purpose, structure and process of demonstration sites to create an experience more aligned with current needs. This shift  will be a more inclusive approach supporting continuous growth and networking.

The distinctions between the two are highlighted in our comparison chart for easy differentiation. 


The Application Process

There are four badges in the Spotlight School learning progression each aligned with the Spectrum of School Development. Each level builds on the previous category to surface more complex components of school transformation and PBL implementation. Use this application preview and video to get a sense of what you’ll need as you apply. 

Your Place in the Spotlight

We want to highlight your work and invite you to continue the journey of school development through the New Tech Spotlight School program. There is a place for everyone in the spotlight, and we hope to see you there! 

 Need additional information?  Email or utilize the frequent need to know document to help answer your questions.

I’ve been in education for 14 years now. Why I do what I do was not something I was ever asked until I opened a New Tech school. The emphasis that New Tech places on the why and culture was completely transformative to me.

Jennifer Stillittano
Central Coast New Tech High