March 29, 2017

Welcome to the #ShareYourLearning campaign!

We believe school can inspire and engage. We believe classes can offer relevant learning experiences and that students can develop the skills most valued by employers. Transformed schools exist today.

We invite our schools and communities to join us and #ShareYourLearning. Along with our fellow Deeper Learning colleagues, we hope to achieve the lofty goal of having 5 Million students across the U.S.A publicly present their learning each year by June 2019. The goal of the campaign is to combat disengagement in schools by having 5 million students across the U.S.A. publicly share their learning* each year by June 2019, and to get 300,000 teachers committed to make this happen. This a tremendous opportunity to highlight and connect our students, our schools and our work.

Any of the following practices count as students publicly shared learning:

  • Student-Led Conferences. Flip traditional parent-teacher conferences on their head and put students in charge of the discussion.
  • Presentations of Learning. Have students present their learning, grounded in artifacts/evidence from their own work, to peers and adults who can offer feedback and support for next steps.  
  • Exhibitions of Learning. Whether it is getting student work on the walls, showcasing a class project, or hosting a whole-school exhibition with community members and experts, celebrate students’ work and learning by making it visible.  

We have created this simple form to help you share the learning or join us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter and share a picture, quote or video using the hashtag #ShareYourLearning.


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