Read Across America- Every Day

March 3, 2015
Alix Horton

Alix Horton

Today is Dr. Seuss day- and NEA’s “Read Across America” day.  It’s a great event, and a fun excuse to enjoy some Dr. Seuss together with a kiddo- or teen.  But it did make me think about ways to ensure that every day is “Read Across America” day.  So here are a couple things you can do- today, as you’re reading with a child, and tomorrow, and beyond.

  • Value all kinds of reading.  Maybe Dr. Seuss isn’t what your students or children want to read every day.  Graphic novels, video game reviews, tech manuals, blogs, websites, even texts- they all count.  In this world of multiliteracies, we need students who can navigate all kinds of texts.
  • Give students choice in their reading.  This is related to the principle above, and an important part of it, but it’s worth saying it again.  Choice is incredibly motivating and powerful for kids.  Let them choose what to read as often as you can.
  • Value reading struggle.  Students who have a growth mindset when it comes to other skills and abilities may not have a growth mindset in regard to reading.  When faced with any kind of challenging text, they may give up, assuming they’re not good readers and that’s just the way it is.  Share your own struggles, validate your students’ struggles and what they do to overcome them, and celebrate growth.

Read Across America is a great event- let’s do what we can to make sure it’s not just about today.

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