Project Spotlight: Mighty Mug Commercials

December 14, 2016

Eagle Tech Academy-High School

All Staff

Course: Advisory

All Grades

Driving Question: How can we create a commercial for Mighty Mug that showcases the advantages of their product, especially in a 1:1 environment?

Project Snapshot

Students were charged with creating a commercial for the company, Mighty Mug. The founder asked students to create a commercial that showcased their product, especially its advantages for students and teachers in a 1:1 environment. The student body narrowed the list to the top 5 and Mighty Mug chose the overall winner. The winning group’s commercial will be shared via Mighty Mug’s social media accounts and on their website. The winning group will also receive a free Mighty Mug.

Student Products

  • Group discussions/exit tickets regarding the entry document, qualities of a “good video”, copyright violations, etc.
  • Initial idea pitch (oral presentation to facilitators)
  • Storyboard (oral presentation to facilitators)
  • Final video submission

Teacher Reflection

Schedule was a major obstacle for this project, however the students were extremely motivated by the authentic audience and the competitiveness of the project. In the beginning, students couldn’t believe that a company was actually asking them to make them a commercial that would be used on their social media, so initially they were very excited. Again, due to scheduling challenges and the way advisory was set up, some initial excitement wore off as testing and other schedule roadblocks got in the way. However, most students persevered and turned in great, creative products. As far as student learning, the project gave us an opportunity, as a school, to discuss and reflect on quality video products, copyright law for music and images, and storytelling skills. The opportunity to discuss all of these things as a whole school will be extremely beneficial for all projects created in the future.

Seniors Matthew Kennedy, Dayna Kyler and Meagan Saggars; and juniors Colton Coffelt, Hannah Behm, Shay Feist and their winning Might Mug Video!

MM2 (1) from New Tech Network on Vimeo.

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