New Tech Network Badges

October 16, 2017

What are the NTN badges?

The NTN badges are a manageable set of key practices for teachers to develop as they grow their PBL practice. Each badge accomplishment represents a particular element of good PBL and includes:

  • Description of the practice
  • NTN tools and resources
  • Exemplars from successful network teachers.

Teachers have the option of submitting their own example to get feedback and earn recognition for their progress. Teachers or instructional leaders might also use the badge course as a resource for materials, examples, and ideas for professional development.

Why use badges?

Each of the NTN Badge Accomplishments represents an important aspect of good PBL practice.  New Teachers can use these badges as their own learning targets as they grow their skills. Each Badge also includes key NTN Resources for building that practice and exemplars teachers can use as models.

Progress and Receive Feedback

By taking the elements of strong PBL practice and breaking them up into smaller pieces of evidence, teachers can see their practice grow over time. While the badges are not linear, the accomplishments do tend to grow in sophistication as you go through the three badge levels: Implementer, Practitioner, Refiner.  

Earn Certification

When a teacher makes their way through all the badges they earn “NTN Certified Teacher” status, which is a validation and celebration of all the hard work a teacher goes through to implement quality PBL.  This can also be a launching point for further growth in more advanced PBL, working as a trainer and teacher-leader with colleagues.  To earn NTN Teacher Certification, a teacher must complete all of the accomplishments in all levels of badges. Note – the Implementer badges are self-assessed. Participants are encouraged to seek feedback from teammates in the Implementer level and “Mark as Complete” when they feel successful in that element. Participants receive personalized feedback from an NTN Badge Reviewer in both the Practitioner and Refiner levels.