New Tech expands logo project

November 7, 2010

DANVILLE — They have the tools, they have the talent and they’re looking for customers.

Students of Danville High School’s New Tech school are redesigning the logos of all District 118 schools and hope to expand the project to the area’s business community next year.

“We’ll be soliciting some local businesses who want to work with us,” said applied technology teacher Jana Drennan.

Last year, New Tech’s opening year of implementation, students designed logos for the new “upper house,” which culminated in a contest where students voted for the winning entry.

This year, with 110 students signing up for five visual media classes, the project was expanded to include logo designs at all district school buildings. Contest entries will be posted at attendance centers over the next two weeks and winners picked by a building-wide vote sometime in November.

“This started because we had a couple of principals ask if we could design new logos for them,” she said.

The rest of the principals were then sent a form to gauge their interest in the logo project and, “They all sent them back,” she said.

Drennan said building principals will decide whether to replace their old logos with contest winners. Student design work also will include business cards, postcards and animated Web banners.

Once the school logos are done, what next?

“Next year we’re going to have to come up with yet another spin,” Drennan said.