New Tech CEO Tours Lagos Elementary At Manor ISD

March 10, 2017

This blog originally appeared on the Manor Independent School District Blog. Read more here.

Lydia Dobyns, president and CEO of the New Tech Network, and Jude Garnier, Chief District Officer, toured the forthcoming Lagos Elementary School with Dr. Royce Avery and other members of Manor ISD leadership Monday March 6.

Starting in the 2017-18 school year, Manor ISD will be offering New Tech coursework at all levels within the district: from kindergarten through senior year. Manor ISD administrators used the opportunity with the New Tech CEO and CDO to discuss the district’s expansion of New Tech as well as other exciting initiatives moving forward within Manor ISD.

“We were able to discuss how to take the New Tech model to the next level within Manor ISD,” Superintendent Dr. Royce Avery said. “Manor New Tech High School has changed the game in education in Central Texas, and we’re about to do it again with Lagos Elementary and Manor New Tech Middle!”

The new tech leaders were also given a presentation on the new flexible learning spaces that will be available at Manor New Tech Middle School. Traditional classrooms will not be the main focus of Manor New Tech Middle, instead it will feature café-style learning spaces where students will be able to break into groups and collaborate on projects.

“The Manor ISD leadership team sees the potential of combining 21st-Century Learning with new educational spaces,” Dobyns said. “Furthermore, they’ve demonstrated a commitment to preparing students to face the uncertainty of tomorrow with very groundbreaking visions for different ways of teaching in life.”

Lagos Elementary and Manor New Tech Middle will open in August 2017.

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