Living in the Soup: Inquiry-Based Learning

December 15, 2014


“Inquiry means living in the soup. Inquiry means living in that uncomfortable space where we don’t know the answer.”-
…oh the narrative of facilitating inquiry based learning! It sounds so romantic-“let students lead their own learning.” “let their questions and passions guide their thirst for  knowledge.” -all so much easier said than done. I spend much of time in schools with teachers scratching their heads or ready to rip their hair out over “doing inquiry”. Progressive educators romanticize the glorious process of inquiry based learning while science teachers salivate over the idea during summer planning. Fast forward 3 months-students feel confused, parents are frustrated and teachers are ready to throw in the towel on the idea. If we love the idea so much, then when the rubber meets the road where are we going wrong? My 2 cents:

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