The Intersection of Equity and Agency

March 31, 2014

picture-2666-1426704131Last week at the Deeper Learning Conference I was privileged to facilitate a discussion on agency-the dreams and dilemmas we face as educators. Because I chose to approach this session from a place of inquiry, I really wasn’t certain where it was going to lead. I guess in the back of my mind I figured we would perhaps talk strategies and resources, or maybe assessment tips or school-wide practices.  But equity some-how found its way into the conversation…

What I deeply appreciated about my time engaging in dialogue with 15 colleagues on Friday was the vulnerability and honesty that permeated our conversations; The struggles we face with agency-understanding it, fostering it, assessing it. As we wrestled with these challenges we acknowledged that context matters, and I am grateful for the few participants that ultimately grounded our inquiry in the intersection of agency and equity.

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