Project Spotlight: Interactive Literacy

April 27, 2017

School: i3 Academy @FPCHS

Teachers: Corinne Schaefer

Course: Creative Writing I & II, Drawing I and Game Design I & II

Grade: 9-12

Driving Question:

  1. How do students use learned writing techniques to successfully create literature (narratives) for a specific audience (5th grade students)?
  2. How do we work with different groups in different classes (curriculum/subjects) to develop a successful publication?
  3. How do we apply 2D design elements to program and create an interactive game that compliments stories to teach 5th grade students about science and social studies topics?

Project Snapshot

Interactive Literacy is a project where the Creative Writing students worked to learn how to create a story on the appropriate grade level while teaching about a specific content area (science & social studies). Writing students then collaborated with illustrators in a Drawing I to create illustrations that impacted their stories. The final product is an actual published book created with Createspace and then published by a local publisher. Finally, Game Design students created interactive games to further compliment the stories. Game Design students had to learn basic coding and 2D design elements.

Student Products

-Final published book with the students’ stories
-Interactive game to assist with comprehension of the stories
-Final illustrations for the stories

Student games:

The Ballad of Frank and his Nose

Billy McDuff and the Sons of Liberty 

The Berry Bush

Teacher Reflection

“It was the greatest feeling in the world to watch students have an actual authentic product(s) that were used by an actual audience. It took the learning in my classroom up a level.”
“It was very difficult coordinating between different classes and teachers, but in the end, it was worth doing a cross-curricular project.”

Student Reflection

-The books were creative and being able to illustrate something that was applicable to real life helped with my skills
-It was difficult and challenging, and sometimes really frustrating, creating games for the stories, but in the end I enjoyed the fact that real kids are going to play my game.
-It is so different to have my name in a published book – almost unbelievable.

Community Reflection  

The 5th grades students are very excited to see the finalized piece and really look up to the high school students creating something special for them.


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