Help to cure food insecurity

April 16, 2018
Napa Valley Register

This month the freshman class at New Tech High School has been exploring different ideas to improve the ways of supplying food to citizens of Napa who are ‘food insecure’ — they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. We have come across organizations such as The Community Action of Napa Valley Food Bank, The Salvation Army, The Table, and The Community Garden.

After visiting the organizations, they seemed to have a wonderful program with just about enough resources to sustain them. The many residents that have been creating innovative solutions to this problem have done a fantastic job and this week has been revolved around separate groups of the freshman constructing steps to enhance each organization.

After four days of sharing ideas and building them to be the best they can be, we have designed very useful ideas for all the organizations. One of the main things we came across was the amount of volunteers, food donated and advertising.

Although we have generated resources for these problems, I believe they should be made on a larger scale and not just posted around our school as they are now. The social media account was an excellent idea, but not everybody is active on social media.

Once we start advertising the need for extra food donations, volunteers, and The Food Bank to a larger audience, I believe the Food Bank could have a larger variety of food for the people relying on them for food each month. Plus, before they introduced the Green Bag program to us, I was not aware of the idea. Advertising to more people will keep them aware of the problem.

To conclude my ideas, advertising the organizations can open so many eyes to those in the community. Many people might not know of the Food Bank and are in need of such resources. Not only can we provide Internet advertising but paper advertising for those who don’t know of the Instagram account or cannot access it.

 Although people are active with the Green Bag, I feel not many people are aware of it. Hopefully the idea of making it more known we can change some lives!

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