Deeper Learning Micro-credential Challenge

August 8, 2016

Micro-credentials — a digital form of certification — recognize educators for demonstrating their skills and competencies. One important set of skills, known as Deeper Learning, supports educators as they design learning experiences that support students as they develop critical skills such as collaboration, effective communication, and critical thinking. Digital Promise has developed 40 Deeper Learning micro-credentials that identify specific skills for educators.

Enter the Deeper Learning Micro-credential Challenge

Identify your team of educators (2 or more)
Earn Deeper Learning Micro-credentials
Submit your reflection on this Challenge and Deeper Learning practices
Awards for Highest Scoring Submissions

First Place: $10,000
Second Place: $7,500
Third Place: $5,000
Fourth Place: $2,500
Fifth Place: $1,000
Award for Team with Most Micro-credentials

Team with Most Micro-credentials Earned per educator: $5,000

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