Protected: Culture That Empowers

May 20, 2019

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Culture that empowers

August 10, 2016

By making learning relevant and creating a highly collaborative school-wide learning culture, students become connected to, engaged with, and challenged by their school, their teachers and their peers.

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Each NTN school promotes a culture of trust, respect and responsibility; this culture encompasses both student and professional culture. At NTN schools, students and teachers alike have ownership over the learning experience and their school environment. Educators collaborate in integrated inter-disciplinary, team-taught classes, use collaborative protocols to provide constructive feedback, and share the leadership of the learning community. In this way, professional culture at the schools mirrors the culture we hope to build for students.

  • advisory courses
  • community meetings
  • student-led clubs and projects
  • restorative behavior policies
  • increased student voice and choice
  • collaborative, open spaces
  • emphasis on student agency

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