Beyond NTAC 2021

Event Date(s) and Time: July 19-22, 2021 , All Day
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This past year has made clear that the future for our students demands resilience – and we’ve witnessed New Tech educators meet this challenge. With many teaching in new learning environments, NTN educators offered new ways for students to grapple with the complex challenges that face our society, all while promoting inclusion and emotional support. As the world around us continues to shift, how do we take the lessons from this year and use them to resist the return to status quo and, instead, thrive forward?

Success for our students means providing them with the opportunity to develop skills, mindsets, and creativity, so that they may meet the demands of the future. Educators in our network are poised for this challenge. Through a school journey that promotes passion, compassion, growth, and curiosity, NTN schools are well-positioned to lead this charge across our society. This is the moment to take what we have learned, crafted, and accomplished – and together, Thrive Forward.

Join us this summer to connect with others, inspire, and share how we can take our passion and strengths as NTN educators to build school experiences for students that empower them to shape their futures.

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