Anderson New Tech helps with Kick Butts Day

March 22, 2018

Students from Anderson New Technology High School came together to participate in the Kicks Butts Day, a nationwide effort to teach the youth the dangers of using tobacco.

Around 20 high school students went to Anderson Heights Elementary School to interact with the kids and to practice in student-led activities to highlight the negative impacts of tobacco use on the environment. The high school students were placed in teams, each having a station set up for the kids to come by and learn something new.

Fifth grader Marissa Oseguera said she’s glad the teenagers came to teach her peers and to interact with them.

“I feel like it’s really cool to see the older grades teach the younger kids how stuff can affect them and how it really helps them and I know that teenagers don’t usually like to help out, but to show that these kids do, it really brings a lot of smiles to kids faces,” said Marissa.

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1,000 youth become addicted to tobacco in the United States every day and one in three will die prematurely because of tobacco use.

Some high school students said they were glad to participate in the event and felt empowered that they can make a difference in their Shasta community.

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