#75 Days of Data- 2. Like we expect students, teachers and schools need to share.

September 28, 2015
Aaron Brengard, Principal at Katherine Smith Elementary School

Aaron Brengard, Principal at Katherine Smith Elementary School

When we joined the New Tech Network in 2013, it felt like we joined a family. We spent the prior year, reinventing our school. Using the Buck Institute for Education for our project-based learning training, and the No Excuses Network to help set the conditions for our college bound culture, we were well-trained to put systems in place to transform ourselves into a 21st century learning school. But, our work was being done in isolation.

That all changed when we joined the New Tech Network. Immediately, we could feel the support of being part of a network. From the coaching to the tools and resources to the conferences and convening, we were benefiting by being part of something bigger.

Heading into the New Tech Annual Conference, the K. Smith team knew it was time to give back. We applied to lead five sessions on a variety topics and one more was added at the conference. The feedback from our work was very positive, but the true benefit came from knowing we contributed to the network that has taken such good care of us.

This is a ten-blog series by Aaron Brengard, Principal of Katherine Smith Elementary School in San Jose, Ca as part of the New Tech Network Back-to-School series. Katherine Smith School is a public, neighborhood New Tech elementary school in the Evergreen School District in San Jose, CA.