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The New Tech Network Model

The NTN Model is a structured, responsive, research-based, and effective whole school approach designed to meet your needs and provide ongoing, comprehensive support from a team of experienced professionals. The NTN Model is built around key focus areas: college and career ready outcomes, supportive and inclusive culture, meaningful and equitable instruction, and purposeful assessment. By developing expertise in each of these four domains, schools benefit from discovering the ways each distinct area reinforces the other three.

Meaningful and Equitable Instruction
Purposeful Assessment
Supportive and Inclusive Culture
College and Career Ready Outcomes

The New Tech Network Model

  • Aligns all components of schooling and the student experience
  • Empowers the entire system to lead a change process
  • Adapts to the needs and strengths of the learning community
  • Leverages a project-based learning instructional approach which allows students to engage with material in creative, culturally relevant ways, experience it in context, and share their learning with peers
  • Is highly effective in large school, small school, school within school, microschool, and academy learning environments

The Benefits of the Model

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