New Tech Practices

Why engage in this kind of work?

New Tech Practices offers you a first step toward deeper learning that includes equipping teachers with the New Tech Network Learning Outcomes and student-centered instructional practices that demonstrate outcomes.
New Tech Practices is for teaching and fostering deeper learning skills at a school, through the use of four key components:


NTN learning outcomes and rubrics

Student-centered teaching methods

Design of Bookend Lesson Plans

Goal setting and assessment practices aimed at deeper learning outcomes


The training for New Tech Practices focuses on aspects both inside and outside the classroom.

Inside the classroom

Inside the classroom, students use the New Tech Learning Outcomes Rubrics to set goals, and the teacher facilitates interactive lessons that allow for observation of student performance in the New Tech Learning Outcomes. Students also reflect upon their own performance at the end of each lesson.

Outside the classroom

Outside of the classroom, New Tech Practices involves teachers using protocols to share and refine their lesson plans, and using student work to analyze their practice.

New Tech

New Tech Practices addresses three of the five NTN Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge & Thinking

Oral Communication



Written Communication

New Tech Practices addresses three of the five NTN Learning Outcomes.

Groups engaging in New Tech Practices can vary: a small group of teachers, a department, a grade level, a PLC, even an entire staff. Some districts have utilized New Tech Practices with select teachers from a group of schools. Schools may wish to follow up this workshop with New Tech Cultural Practices.

We have found that NT Practices serves as excellent preparation for whole-school transformation to the New Tech model.

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