New Tech Network’s
2019 School and Student Success Report
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Implementing for success

Extensive, individualized coaching from our experienced full-time staff helps teachers and leaders gain the skills they need to confidently implement the New Tech Network model. Professional Learning @ NTN offers a personalized system of learning opportunities designed to allow education professionals to connect and learn at their own pace, anywhere at any time, and focus on their own needs and interests. 

Echo supports project-based learning and features an innovative gradebook that aligns to the deeper learning skills students will need in college and career. Digital tools, cultivated and aligned content and a community of shared learning are integrated to create a powerful and innovative platform to support student and adult learning.

Coaching to innovation

New Tech Coaches provide ongoing, targeted support to teachers and leaders as they transform their schools. This coaching support is comprehensive and supports all aspects of implementing the New Tech Network model, from engaging students through authentic project-based learning to building a professional, collaborative culture for students and adults, and more. 

On-site and virtual coaching

On-site- An intensive learning and sense-making experience in which a New Tech Coach visits the school in-person to work directly with staff members to gather data, support staff needs, and co-develop next steps in service of continual organizational growth and individual capacity building. The experience may include some or all of the following: one-on-one coaching, small group or whole group meetings, customized professional development, student focus groups, and observations.

Virtual- Like on-site visits, virtual coaching visits are designed to be intensive learning and sense-making experiences in service of gathering data, supporting needs, and co-developing next steps. The experience may include some or all of the following: one-on-one coaching, small group or whole group meetings, customized professional development, student focus groups, diving into student outcome and other data, and leadership team strategic planning. The school site is responsible for providing the meeting location(s) and appropriate technology to fully engage with virtual support.

Coaching support may include some or all of the following:

  • Project feedback and tuning
  • Participation in small team meetings
  • Project ideation and development
  • Check-ins with leadership
  • Ongoing problem-solving related to implementation
  • Co-designing culture supports
  • Co-planning professional development and staff meetings via phone calls, emails, texts, and video conferencing with directors and teachers
  • Collaboratively analyzing and strategizing with student outcome data

 School leadership team coaching

At NTN, we believe that strong leadership is essential for the long-term success of all schools. NTN site-based school leadership team coaching address this in two ways:

  1. To build the capacity of teacher leaders, principals, and district leaders in order to create and navigate highly collaborative school cultures that embrace inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning.
  2. To help leaders form and operationalize an Instructional Leadership Team whose central responsibility is the continuous improvement of teaching and learning in their building.

Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit, NTN’s primary leadership development event, is an opportunity for school leaders to reflect upon and learn to grow their schools as learning organizations in collaboration with network peers. This gathering is a critical aspect in influencing a future where the interactions between schools become the key driver of value, learning and improvement in our network.

Leadership Residency

Leadership Residency is an induction opportunity for new directors to understand the New Tech model, engage with other network directors, and work on plans for launching their school in the fall. The first formal event in the induction cycle for school teams is the New Tech Network Leadership Residency.  School/district teams spend four days embedded in a successful New Tech school where you will learn the core elements of the NTN model, explore important leadership concepts, and make concrete plans to move your NTN school implementation forward.

Teacher Residency

The teacher residency experience is a two-day induction event held in spring at an established New Tech school. The intent is to provide participants with a concrete ‘look and feel’ of a New Tech school to anchor their ideas of what their New Tech school will look like. Each new school has been matched with an existing New Tech Network school site that closely resembles the setting and student population. All staff members involved with the first year of implementation should attend (including teachers, principal/director, and counselors), as they will be working as a team throughout the event.

This event marks the beginning of the training process for teachers and will set the stage for the work that will be done at the upcoming summer training.

New Tech Annual Conference

The New Tech Annual Conference (NTAC) gives principals, teachers, and staff an opportunity to continually sharpen skills, share best practices, and network with like-minded professionals from around the country.

We acknowledge that just as our students benefit from differentiated learning experiences so do adults. With that in mind, we have restructured the schedule for the conference by front-loading the week with specific tracks and programs designed to support schools on their learning path.

Help Students Unlock Their True Potential

Your support ensures a greater impact for New Tech Network’s innovative, comprehensive and proven method to fundamentally improve education. Schools in the New Tech Network re-imagine how learning is achieved for students, teachers, and the schools themselves.

New Tech students are empowered with skills preparing them for college and career. Join us today to unlock a student’s full potential.