Craig Carmoney


Meridian Public Schools

Sanford, Michigan


Craig Carmoney was named Superintendent of Meridian Public Schools in July of 2011.  Meridian Public Schools is a 21st Century school district that has partnered with the New Tech Network, Project Lead the Way and Delta College to offer project-based learning, 1:1 technology and early college for all students. Meridian is the only district in the state of Michigan to operate a full-school early college and partner with the New Tech Network to support K-12 project-based learning for every learner.  Meridian Early College High School has been recognized annually since 2013 as a National Demonstration School by the New Tech Network.

Under Carmoney’s eight years at the helm, several great things have taken place at Meridian Public Schools.  The district has received around $3M in grants, passed a $7.7M and a $20.2M bond and more than doubled its fund balance.  Most importantly, its first-year college completion rate has more than doubled to almost 80% and its most recent graduation rate increased from a historical average of just under 90% to over 95%.  50% of the most recent senior class took college courses and passed those courses at a 98% success rate with a 3.2 GPA. Almost two-thirds of those students elected to return for the 5th year where they attend college full-time.  Meridian students now earn over 2,000 college credits per year, twenty times the amount of credits earned prior to Carmoney’s tenure.

Before coming to Meridian, Carmoney served as Middle School Principal and Assistant Superintendent for Bullock Creek Schools.  In that role, he led the school in key school improvement initiates that resulted in student achievement improvement, and before that taught at Bullock Creek and Alpena.  Being active and involved in the community is a priority for Carmoney. He has served in numerous organizations that include the Michigan Association of School Administrators, Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce, the Midland County College Access Network Leadership Team, the Saginaw Valley State University External Advisory Team, the Greater Midland Area Community Center and the Midland County DARE Board of Directors.     

Carmoney has dedicated his career to ensuring that every child is given the opportunity and pathways to succeed in life, college and careers in the 21st Century.  Carmoney holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Grand Valley State University and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Saginaw Valley State University.  He has also successfully completed the Michigan Leadership Institute Supes Academy and the Saginaw Valley State University Gerstacker Fellowship Program.