Project Spotlight: Dare to Dream in Color

April 18, 2017

Best-in-Network Winner

Washington Discovery Academy

Teachers: Lindsey Risner, Lorien Goodwin and Courtney Young

Course: Math, Science, Language Arts, Physical Education, Career/Technical

Grade: 3

Driving Question:

How can we convince people to do something even if it is challenging?


Project Snapshot

This project was built to develop a sense of agency and perseverance while focusing on our strengths and viewing challenges with excitement and failure as an opportunity to learn.

 Student Products

  • Color Run inspired 5K
  • 5 Paragraph persuasive essays
  • T-shirts with handmade designs
  • Commercial for the run
  • Map of the path

Teacher Reflection

“This was a powerful project. It had a huge impact on student mindset. Students encouraged one another and were never afraid to fail. Instead, they were consistently uplifting. Dare to Dream had a huge effect on culture.”

“This project had learning opportunities in all subject areas including science, math, ELA and Health.”

“Dare to Dream fostered great community connections with guest speakers, we partnered with our local park and raised money  for another local park to help build swings.”


We used both the grade 5 oral communication rubric and the agency rubric provided from NTN below.

New Tech Network Agency Rubrics


Student Reflection

“I will never forget this project.”

“I can do anything with agency and perseverance.”

“I like that we faced the challenge of weather (it rained :)).”

“I’m glad all of our hard work paid off.”


Community Reflection

Freedom park thanked us for our donation and our aspirations to view challenges in a positive light while focusing on those who face a challenge every day by donating our proceeds to this handicapped accessible park.

Teachers at New Tech Network can view the full project in Echo using the Community Tool.  Search the Community using this code:


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