When You Know Your “Why”, Your “What” Has More Impact

March 1, 2017

Jen Benkovitz, Director of School Leadership

At New Tech Network’s Spring Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX, 150 district, school and classroom leaders across our network joined together to explore the concept of student-centered leadership.

Pre-summit sessions offered participants the opportunity to collaboratively explore problems of practice, to learn about new features in Echo, and to provide NTN school development coaches with feedback that will help ensure the continuous improvement of our work. On Thursday morning, we kicked of our time together with a compelling message from comedian Michael Jr. who reminded us that, “When you know your why, your what has more impact because you are walking in and toward your purpose.”

This message served as a reminder of NTN’s why and inspired the following driving question that centered our work: “What does it look, sound and feel like when you exemplify leadership focused on student learning outcomes that matter?”

A series of inquires throughout the remainder of the day offered participants the opportunity to reflect upon leadership’s role in leading a learning organization focused on “learning outcomes that matter” for each and every student. Participants used a reflection tool throughout the day to capture their new learning, to analyze their current professional development practices, to begin developing next steps, and to incorporate feedback from fellow colleagues across the network.

Friday morning sessions provided participants with various opportunities to extend their learning and to continue exploring their role in exemplifying leadership focused on “student learning outcomes that matter.”

If you were not able to attend Spring Leadership Summit, but would like to review the resources from it to explore the concept of student-centered leadership, you can find everything here in the NTN Leadership Learning course in Echo. Use registration code 3ne-0. (note the period at the end!) to self-enroll in the course and to access the materials.

NOTE: Accessing the resources linked in this post requires an account on the NTN Echo system.

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