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New Tech Network schools succeed by addressing four focus areas: college and career outcomes, purposeful assessment, supportive and inclusive culture, and meaningful and equitable instruction.

NTN Focus Areas

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New Tech Network helps you prepare your students for the future, no matter their path

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Great for students, teachers, and leaders.
NTN Educators Say
Giving tangible, go-to instructional strategies helps teachers reflect on what the kids engage with and adjust from there. Seeing, and then implementing, these practices, and being able to reflect on the differences has been very beneficial for our teachers.
Latasha Turner
Summit Road Elementary Principal
We recognized we had to do better to prepare kids for the reality they were going to walk into after high school and beyond.
Dr. Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools Superintendent
NTN schools succeed because of a whole school, systemic approach 
where skills  are valued as much as scores.

Reynoldsburg City Schools

Reynoldsburg City Schools: A District Vision of Deeper Learning: Structured Purposeful, and Lasting

Winton Woods City School District

District-Wide School Innovation: The Winton Woods City Schools leadership team believes in providing equity, access, and opportunity for all students. The district is partnering with New Tech Network to spread the New Tech school model that features teaching that engages, culture that empowers, outcomes that matter and technology that enables.

Winton Woods City Schools has a mission to innovate the education system, district-wide. Learn how they used the New Tech model to spread project-based learning so that all students engage in deeper learning.

2022 Impact Report

NTN is proud to present the 2022 Impact Report. This endeavor highlights new and updated research, and provides evidence about the NTN Model and PBL.

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Better Together

To prepare students for the future, they need to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and learn 
how to find and apply content knowledge, not just memorize it. To tackle this challenge educators cannot
work alone. New Tech Network is just that, a Network, where a group of diverse, driven educators
work together to pioneer learning for the future.

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