82 Visitors from Beijing, China Live a Day at K. Smith School

February 4, 2016

The bell rang on Wednesday morning just like any morning. Students went to class and parents gathered for the Parent Pride weekly meeting. Just a typical Wednesday, except for the over 70 students, parents, and teachers visiting here from Beijing, China.

Early in the morning, our guests arrived in two large tour buses. The seventy Chinese students were then assigned to third to sixth grade classrooms based on their age. We wanted them to live a day as a K. Smith student. In the classroom, K. Smith students were partnered up with their Chinese classmates for the day. It was a chance for us to have our Chinese guests be K. Smith students. Other than the introductions, classroom activities carried on as usual. When entering a room, it was difficult to tell a K. Smith student from their Chinese counterpart. Students worked in groups, completed learning activities, and even shared recess and lunch together.

The adult visitors got the same treatment. They enjoyed our Parent Pride meeting interacting with other parents. The meeting included a nice breakfast and welcome speeches. Then it was off to get into classrooms. The guests were treated to student-led tours of the campus.

At the end the day, our Chinese guests hosted us to an incredible assembly with cultural dancing, music, and demonstrations. Students were even treated to a choreographed version of Let it Go from Frozen.

Global Connection Day was a chance for us to make connections with students, parents and teachers from across the world. While we were able to compare our differences in cultures and school experiences, what really came out of the day was how much we are the same.

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