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2023 Impact Report

New Tech Network is proud to present the 2023 Impact Report. This endeavor highlights new and updated research, and provides evidence about the NTN Model, project-based learning, and the work taking place across our network.

Download the full Impact Report or browse the highlights below!

NTN Overview

New Tech Network (NTN) meets schools and districts where they are and has the expertise to design and support innovation strategies for each school and district. We are a national nonprofit dedicated to systemic change in education. We center K-12 schools as the units of change, and teachers and school leaders as the agents of that change. Working closely with leadership teams and classroom educators makes change scalable and sustainable. With more than twenty years of change making, we have learned what works and can adapt quickly.

New Tech West turns to NTN for Coaching for Collaboration

New Tech West High School students are learning through the New Tech Network Model  at  the Cleveland, Ohio high school, part of the Cleveland Metro Schools district. “Our goal is for our scholars to thrive and become their most authentic selves, and mature into agents of change,” says Shaunamichelle Leonard, Principal at New Tech West. “It takes a lot of work on our part for the staff to be in tune with the students, in tune with the Model and work collaboratively together.”

How NTN Supports Architects of Shared Leadership

Hardin County Schools began working with New Tech Network in 2020 with an overall goal to support middle and high schools in project-based learning, establish teacher collaboration both in individual schools and across the district, and support school leaders in the change management process. As part of Hardin County’s innovation efforts, district leaders opted to send school leadership teams to NTN’s Leadership Summit, a three-day national gathering that provides opportunities to collaborate and learn to respond effectively to adult learning needs within their own school context.

Evidence of How PBL Supports a Warm Demander Stance

The teacher profiles provided are meant to show the various ways Warm Demanders present themselves and interact with students. While these profiles demonstrate myriad ways to be a warm demander rather than one definition or approach, striving towards the balanced warm demander is important.

The Balanced Warm Demander
Team Teachers
High Demand, Unobtrusive Warmth
High Warmth, Low Academic Demand
Human-First Approach

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New Tech Network (NTN) is a national nonprofit dedicated to systemic change in education. We center K-12 schools as the units of change, working closely with district leaders, school principals, and classroom educators, to co-design an approach to change that is specific to their context.

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