Measuring Outcomes that Matter

NTN schools succeed because of a whole school,
systemic approach where skills are valued
as much as scores.

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We are experiencing an extraordinary moment in education: COVID-19 demanded technology play a new, central role, and our workforce gaps surfaced the need for talent with a diverse skill set. New Tech Network (NTN), through our school transformation model, is uniquely positioned to support your district and schools in not only surviving but thriving in this rapidly changing world. 

New Tech Network also recognizes the uncertainty of school funding in the next fiscal year. To mitigate this uncertainty, NTN is announcing the availability of Planning Grants for Michigan schools. The purpose of each Planning Grant is to advance applicant capacity to improve student achievement and attainment by implementing the New Tech Network school model and innovative practices. New Tech Network’s comprehensive approach to school-based innovation through project-based learning and work-based education has a proven track record. Click to learn more about applying for a Planning Grant.

We Believe...

Successful students should leave school with the skills and abilities to thrive in the workforce – whether they enter the workforce immediately, choose to attend college, or work while continuing their education.

Higher academic and business community are demanding different skills from employees and college students. Businesses are no longer aligned with the way traditional school is taught.

The workforce is changing jobs at such a rapid rate that the future of jobs is uncertain. Many of the jobs that current students will have are not yet invented.




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School Leaders Say...

The connection, and the support and resources we receive from our New Tech Network coaches for our adult learners has been integral to our improvement as a district. We wanted to take advantage of the 20-plus years that New Tech Network has in research and developing strong research-based practices. New Tech Network is constantly evolving and learning, and in the end, it's all to make us better and to make us stronger.
Angela Piazza
Superintendent, Cassopolis Public Schools
We’ve evolved so much as a school district from being part of the Network. Now, we’re going much deeper, looking at equity, opportunity gaps, social and emotional learning. Being in this Network has helped me to become a much more diversified leader. When I want to innovate, I come to the leaders in this Network. That’s what I really enjoy about New Tech Network - it will push you and fulfill you at the same time.
Craig Carmoney
Superintendent, Meridian School District
In New Tech schools, the students are connected with experts in the field, including members of the community that can provide them with authentic working experiences. We’re sending them out the doors as juniors and seniors, to take vocational classes, dual-enrollment courses, academic and CTE courses. We’re pushing them into the world a little bit, to see what careers are out there, and help them develop the skills needed for those careers.
Jerry Holtgren
Director at Niles New Tech

Data that Supports Our Work

Better Together

To prepare students for the future, they need to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and learn 
how to find and apply content knowledge, not just memorize it. To tackle this challenge educators cannot
work alone. New Tech Network is just that, a Network, where a group of diverse, driven educators
work together to pioneer learning for the future.






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Through project-based learning, New Tech Network schools empower and challenge students to learn and succeed, to collaborate and communicate, and to engage in the world around them.

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