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Designing Student Centered Schools in Michigan

NTN schools succeed because of a whole school, systemic approach where skills are valued as much as scores.

Access to joyful, meaningful, and relevant educational experiences is a fundamental human right.

Deeper learning approaches, such as project-based learning, are essential to equip all learners for the future.

A collaborative, whole school culture is critical to meaningful, sustainable change.

Michigan Redefining Learning Cohort

New Tech Network (NTN) is excited to announce the launch of a 2023-2024 Michigan Redefining Learning Cohort opportunity! Redefining learning can be a complex endeavor – but you don’t have to do it alone. New Tech Network has over 20 years of experience in transforming schools into learner-centered environments and ensuring college and career ready K-12 outcomes and has the tools and resources to support you in identifying your path forward. 

Through a Leading Change workshop, an onsite visit to an NTN school, virtual consultations, and cohort meetings, awardees will see learner-centered classrooms in action and plan for the application of redefining learning best practices in their own schools. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of a passionate community dedicated to transforming education. Districts, schools, and ISDs are invited to apply. 

2023 Impact Report

Learn about the evidence and research on the New Tech Network model, project-based learning, and deeper learning.

School Leaders Say...

"Joining New Tech Network provides us an opportunity to reframe many things about the school, not just project-based learning."
Headshot of Patrick Malley
Patrick Malley
Chief Academic Officer at Bay City Public Schools
"In New Tech schools, the students are connected with experts in the field, including members of the community that can provide them with authentic working experiences. We’re sending them out the doors as juniors and seniors, to take vocational classes, dual-enrollment courses, academic and CTE courses. We’re pushing them into the world a little bit, to see what careers are out there, and help them develop the skills needed for those careers."
Headshot of Jerry Holtgren
Jerry Holtgren
Director at Niles New Tech

Better Together

To prepare students for the future, they need to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and learn how to find and apply content knowledge, not just memorize it. To tackle this challenge educators cannot work alone. New Tech Network is just that, a Network, where a group of diverse, driven educators work together to pioneer learning for the future.

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Speak with a member of the New Tech Network Michigan team to learn how we can help you achieve your school’s vision of success.