New Tech Network


New Tech Network is offering four free virtual workshops to support teachers and school leaders to ensure academic continuity and authentic learning outside the classroom.

The workshops cover topics such as social and emotional learning, prioritizing content and curriculum, creating robust learning agendas, and the power of feedback as assessment in a virtual environment.

Workshops are facilitated by NTN School Development Coaches, who support the network’s more than 200 NTN schools and districts in 28 states and provide professional development training and guidance on authentic learning for student success.

Photo of Alexandra Zucco


Creating a Virtual Space for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) during School Closures

Facilitator: Alexandra Zocco
Thursday, April 16 • 1pm CT
The focus of this workshop is to help educators think through the facets of students’ social and emotional needs during school closures and to share strategies for cultivating safe and inclusive virtual environments for classroom communities. We will explore theory, processes for engaging students, and share strategies and resources to empower teachers to strengthen relationships with and between students.


Prioritizing Your Curriculum for Uncertain Times: Less is More

Facilitator: Matt Thompson
Monday, April 20 • 10am CT
Now is an important time to think about what matters more in your curriculum and what matters less. Let’s explore one option for how to focus in on what matters most and the value of a “less is more” approach.

Photo of Gaylen Brannon


Agendas: A Tool for Learning and Engagement

Facilitator: Gaylen Brannon
Tuesday, April 28th • 4:30-5:30pm CT
This session will explore the power of a well-crafted agenda. We will analyze and identify the characteristics of an agenda that engages students and drives learning. Please bring an old or developing agenda to this session!

Photo of Naderisha Eford


Feedback Over Letter Grades: The New Reality of Virtual Learning in the World of COVID-19

Facilitator: Nadirshah Eford
Thursday, May 7th • 1pm CT
This focus of this workshop is to provide practical and efficient ways to give feedback to push student progress. Alongside feedback, teachers will also consider ways to leverage student self-assessment and reflection as an alternative to traditional assessment.


We provide resources and support for teachers and leaders to develop project-based learning curriculums and provide all the support to implement successful and lasting cultural changes for the best learning experience for students.

We do this through structural school changes, personalized coaching, supportive learning management systems and an emphasis on school culture. Our goal is to help develop students that feel empowered over their own learning and set up for success in college, the workplace, and beyond.

District level leaders (superintendents, board members, etc.), school leaders, teachers, counselors, and special education experts.  

There is no fee to attend.  We do ask for registration so we can plan the learning adequately for those who wish to attend.

As a staff member at a school exploring re-designing your school learning method, you are welcome as there are many aspects outside of the classroom which may impact your work in the school. 

We discourage drop-ins as we have to plan for the appropriate number of facilitators. We encourage everyone that plans to attend to register in advance.

Teachers will be using Zoom to facilitate breakout sessions and opportunities to network and collaborate in smaller groups. Teachers will also need access to computer, webcam, telephone or cellular phone, as well as Echo. Please see the Virtual Meeting Tips tab for more details.