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Tackling Challenges Using Improvement Science

Schools face ongoing challenges spanning culture, instruction, and college/career outcomes. NTN has utilized Improvement Science techniques for the past 10 years to offer a structured approach to problem-solving and change management. This workshop guides school teams in applying improvement science to enhance a specific area, aiming to not only solve immediate problems but also build proficiency in improvement science practices.

Our experience with this approach has demonstrated outcomes, including fostering a culture of continuous improvement, enabling lasting positive changes in school and districts. Participants gain tools and insights for designing an equitable process for improvement by centering what works and for whom.

The program is designed around a problem of practice determined by the school. Typical problems of practice span areas of culture, instruction, and student outcomes. Examples include:

  • Community/Family engagement
  • Student attendance
  • 8th to 9th grade bridge
  • Graduation rates
  • New teacher turnover
  • Teacher observation and feedback

Service Components:

  • Year long program
  • One day onsite workshop
  • Monthly virtual coaching meetings


Why Engage in this Learning: This program is well-suited for schools and districts committed to learning how to leverage Improvement Science techniques to address problems of practice.


Audience: Tackling Challenges Using Improvement Science is designed for school leadership teams or cross-school teams such as directors, principals, teacher leaders, and department heads who are interested in leveraging improvement science to improve outcomes for students and families.


By the end of this program, participants will:

  • Understand the foundations of improvement science and how it can improve outcomes for students and families
  • Learn how to identify a problem of practice unique to their context and investigate the system that is producing current results
  • Leverage improvement science tools and mindsets to test changes to address a specific, persistent problem of practice
  • Identify key enablers of equitable improvement processes


Cost: $16,000

NTN Focus Areas Incorporated in Tackling Challenges Using Improvement Science


Meaningful and Equitable Instruction


Supportive and Inclusive Culture


College and Career Ready Outcomes


Purposeful Assessment

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