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NTN Individual Service

Strengthening Instructional Leadership in Your School

Balancing instructional leadership, school culture, and day-to-day operations can be a challenge for school leadership teams seeking to create an effective learning organization. This year-long coaching support program helps leadership teams improve and implement growth-oriented teacher professional development. By analyzing systems and distinguishing between training and professional development, leaders transform into ‘environmental architects,’ capable of shaping a thriving learning environment for both students and staff.

Service Components:

  • Year long program
  • One day onsite workshop
  • Monthly virtual coaching meetings

Why Engage in this Learning: This program is well-suited for schools and districts committed to improving teacher professional development and implementing growth-oriented practices. Audience: Strengthening Instructional Leadership in Your School is designed for school leadership teams or cross-school teams including but not limited to directors, principals, teacher leaders, and department heads.

By the end of this program, school leadership teams will:

  • Implement ongoing structures that allow for staff feedback and critical reflection on what is working and what needs improvement
  • Understand how to incorporate best practices and resources to implement growth-oriented adult learning
  • Apply research-based adult learning frameworks into practice
  • Execute an adult learning plan that responds to their unique context and supports powerful learning for students


NTN Focus Areas Incorporated in Strengthening Instructional Leadership in Your School


Supportive and Inclusive Culture


Meaningful and Equitable Instruction

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