Lydia Dobyns, NTN President and CEO

A Note From Lydia Dobyns

Knowing what works – applying effective solutions to complex social challenges – is not, by itself, a path to change. All too often we lack adequate financial resources or the political will or both. When the challenge is closing the opportunity gap, the rhetoric is often divisive, the task daunting and yet… as I write this letter, I have never been more optimistic about what is possible in successfully transforming local public education. New Tech Network’s mission is to co-create schools that ensure all students regularly engage in authentic, complex thinking and problem-solving and experience a learning environment that is safe, inclusive, and emotionally supportive. For nearly 20 years our school redesign efforts have been based on partnerships with more than a hundred school districts in 30 states.

We believe the path to success must include: 
  • deep systemic work around beliefs and mindsets, 
  • intensive capacity building to design quality learning experiences, and 
  • explicit work to build empowering school cultures and effective leadership. 

Philanthropic support enables us to invest in ongoing research and development. Recent efforts have helped us increase the innovation options for schools and reduce the cost for whole school implementation. From the start embarking on the New Tech Network path students are more engaged and there is a palpable sense of curiosity and joyful learning. As a learning organization committed to improvement, nothing is more important than supporting districts achieve their vision. When we are able to help align all levels of the school system around a common vision, grounded in creating equitable learning opportunities for all students, great things happen. This is why, despite these contentious times, we are hopeful. 

We are better together. 

Don’t just take our word for it – let the compelling teaching and learning you can see for yourself ignite your curiosity. How might we support your vision for your community?