Scaling Across School and Community

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NTN has helped schools and districts transform teaching and learning and embed employability skills for all students. Today we are engaged with more than 30 districts to re-imagine teaching and learning across entire systems. Increasingly, communities see New Tech Network as a solution to help close the opportunity gap for all students.

Through these district engagements, we have learned how to re-shape and innovate a broad ecosystem.


We support educators by grade level, by school, and by district in every demographic. Some districts choose to implement multiple schools sites, others offer a K-12 path. We create more favorable conditions for our schools to support district-level capacity building for learning and improvement.

We see district-based engagements as increasingly common and believe this will lead to a dramatic increase in deeper learning opportunities for students.

We believe that there are certain conditions and experiences that can accelerate the launch of a school and the spread of deeper learning. Whether implementation is grade-by-grade or as a school, the journey to success for students begins with the leaders and teachers. Through shared practice, NTN partner districts can learn from one another.