The NTN Student Learning Outcomes and Rubrics

August 8, 2016

A key pillar in the New Tech Network model is the use of outcomes that matter to guide our schools’ support of students and their long-term success.The NTN Student Learning Outcomes are a set of research-based outcomes aimed at preparing students for postsecondary college and career success. For each outcome, a rubric or set of rubrics has been developed to help ensure that students are being provided with regular feedback on their growth and needs in each of these areas. These outcome rubrics are an essential component of the project and problem-based learning curriculum and instruction model used by the schools that we support. Our project-based learning management system, Echo, is also designed to allow teachers the ability to provide feedback and support to students across each of these outcomes.


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Knowledge and Thinking

Knowledge and Thinking Rubrics for Social Studies Rubrics
Knowledge and Thinking Rubrics for ELA Research and Argumentation
Knowledge and Thinking Rubrics for ELA Textual Analysis
 Knowledge and Thinking Rubrics-Scientific Research
Knowledge and Thinking Rubrics-Scientific Explanation
Knowledge and Thinking Rubric-Math


Develop academic mindset and take ownership over learning


The ability to be a productive member of diverse teams through strong interpersonal communication, a commitment to shared success, leadership, and initiative

Oral Communication-

The ability to communicate knowledge and thinking through effective oral presentations

Written Communication

The ability to communicate knowledge and thinking through writing

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