New Tech Network School Success Rubric

August 8, 2016

How should we measure the success of a school system? For the last few decades, the states have wanted to see high achievement on standardized tests. Parents want a safe school and a successful student ready for college and career. The local newspapers like it when the sports teams are winning. We could measure the success of a school in literally dozens of ways, from cost per pupil to dropout and attendance rates. But what would happen if we chose to focus on student success as the sole measure of a school’s success?

That’s exactly what New Tech Network has done with our re-imagined School Success Rubric 2013. We asked ourselves, what do we want our students to experience and learn while at school? The result was a surprisingly simple framework that has lots of implications about what learning must look like to prepare students for success in college, careers and civic life.

Download our PDF School Success Rubric 2013

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