New Tech Network Agency Rubrics

August 8, 2016

When we think of the skills students need to be successful in school and in life, the word “agency” doesn’t usually pop into mind. But maybe it’s time…

Through the tenets of “agency,” we help students see effort and practice in a new light and associate both as growth paths and, ultimately, success. We can provide students with the skills to rebound from setbacks and build confidence as they welcome new challenges. Instilling the principles of “agency” helps students find personal relevance in their work and motivates them to participate actively, build relationships and understand how they impact themselves and their communities.

These rubrics identify the ability to develop and reflect on growth mindset and demonstrate ownership over one’s learning-Agency.

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Download PDF’s
High School Agency Rubric

Middle School Agency Rubric

NTN Agency Rubric Grade 5

NTN Agency Rubric Grade 2


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