NTN Events App

New Tech Network offers a mobile app to help attendees navigate its professional development events.

Activity Feed & Social Sharing

Feaures three streams of content, including social media, individual notifications, personalized bookmarks, and photos and comments from all sessions or from only the ones they attended.

Personalized Scheduling

Create a personalized schedule with the sessions you plan to attend. Personalized schedules can also be exported from the app to the native calendar on any mobile device.

Speakers & Attendees

Find out who is presenting and attending with the Speakers and Attendees features.

Attendee Messaging

NTN Events features integrated attendee messaging to contact other conference attendees.

Interactive Maps

NTN Events makes navigating events easy and intuitive. Interactive maps let attendees zoom in and out, tap on pins for exhibitor and session info, and include links to full profiles.


Need a ride to or from the airport? Use the Uber feature to summon your ride!


Download a PDF Tips & Tricks Guide

How to Log In to NTN Events for Personalized Features